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Asia Monitor Group is a premier research organization specializing in FMCG, Electronics, ICT, BFSI, Automotive, Healthcare, Media, and Telecommunication industries. We manage an extensive online and mobile community across Southeast Asia, conducting multi-country fieldwork projects for large organizations. Our full-service offerings include market research, analytics, branding, sentiment index, and consultancy services.

Our expansive consumer panel, comprising over 500,000 global contributors, illuminates market dynamics and enables precise targeting for informed decision-making and strategic success.

B2B panels grant access to global business minds. Unveiling stakeholder preferences and needs empowers strategic decisions and business growth.

We host a vast, rigorously validated healthcare professional and patient panel. Operating globally, we prioritize quality and offer unparalleled healthcare research excellence.

Why Choose Us?

Deep Industry Expertise

Experts With over 13 Year of Experiance.

Experianced and Efficient Professionals

To gain Competitive Edge.

Hybrid Methodologies

Data collected using CATI, CAPI, CAWI as well as online panels

Superlative Quality

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Agnency

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Passionate employees across Asia and beyond drive our global growth and fuel our continued success. 


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