Data Quality

Quality Assurance Process for Project Management

At Asia Monitor, quality is ingrained in every step of our research projects. Our robust Quality Check Process ensures that each project is executed with the highest standards, from pre-fieldwork preparation to post-fieldwork evaluation.

Pre-Fieldwork Checks:

  • Adherence to SOP for survey programming
  • Thorough sampling frame review and quota setting
  • Clear project scheduling, milestones, and progress reporting
  • Alignment of deliverables with the client’s expectations
  • Comprehensive training for interviewers, ensuring their readiness

During Fieldwork Monitoring:

  • Weekly project status updates sent to the client by our Project Managers
  • Live reporting link provided for real-time fieldwork assessment
  • Continuous supervision, spot checks, and field accompaniments
  • Rigorous back checks, covering 30% of the total sample size
  • Ongoing data verification through table frequency analysis

Post-Fieldwork Assurance:

  • Project Managers ensure timely delivery of agreed-upon deliverables
  • The quality assurance checklist is thoroughly reviewed
  • Completion and verification of all necessary checklist
  • Double-checking of all data and reports before client delivery
  • Conducting a post-mortem evaluation of the project for continuous improvement

Quality Assurance Process for CATI

Asia Monitor upholds the highest standards of quality in every research project, including our CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) surveys. Our Quality Assurance Process for CATI is designed to maintain accuracy, validity, and consistency throughout the data collection phase.

  1. Extensive Training Class: Our interviewers undergo rigorous training to ensure a deep understanding of survey methodologies and project objectives. This comprehensive training equips them with the knowledge to conduct interviews effectively.
  2. Close Monitoring of Interviewers: Interviewers are closely monitored throughout the data collection process. Regular supervision and guidance ensure that interviews are conducted accurately and as per protocols.
  3. Data Verification: A robust process is employed, involving the verification of 30% of the total sample size. Ensuring that the collected data aligns with the actual responses provided during interviews.
  4. Recording on Client Request: When requested by the client, interviews are recorded and stored for database reference. This feature, exemplified by CSI Surveys, aids in maintaining data accuracy and transparency.
  5. Random Selection for Verification: Completed surveys are randomly selected for further verification and quality control. This step ensures that a representative sample is evaluated for data accuracy.
  6. Manager/Supervisor QC: Surveys chosen for verification undergo thorough Quality Control by our experienced managers and supervisors. Their expertise enhances the reliability of the data collected.
  7. QA Checklist Implementation: The accuracy and validity of data are ensured based on a stringent Quality Assurance checklist. This checklist covers all crucial aspects of CATI survey implementation. 

At Asia Monitor, we understand the importance of maintaining data integrity and quality in CATI surveys. Our Quality Assurance Process is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering accurate insights that drive meaningful decisions.

Experience the difference of our quality-driven CATI surveys with Asia Monitor.



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