AMG Panel

Asia Monitor Group’s expert panels are the catalyst for your success. We guarantee swift, verified responses and high completion rates. Our engaged respondents and robust API-based platform ensure efficient data collection and insightful analysis.

With our globally connected panel of 100% verified users, we specialize in targeting niche audiences. Our exclusive collaboration with users who willingly participate in our proprietary panel network, sharing their opinions to shape decision-making, assures thorough validation and up-to-date profiles for future surveys and project qualifications. Our dynamic profiling system adeptly captures and localizes data points based on geography. 

Why Choose AMG Panel?

  • Own, manage, and operate global panels of experts
  • Global reach spanning 27+ markets
  • Excel in panel profiling and behavior mapping
  • Comprehensive profiling across 200 attributes
  •  100% verified (double opt-in) users 

We offer three specialized panels tailored to meet the unique needs of your research:


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