Business Research Services

At Asia Monitor Group, we pride ourselves on having an experienced team well-versed in the intricacies of business research across a diverse range of industries. With a deep understanding of multiple databases and access to an array of proprietary resources, we are adept at conducting comprehensive market research that uncovers valuable insights. Our sources encompass both in-house data and information provided by our clients.

Our suite of Business Research Services includes:

We conduct in-depth desk research on a global scale, meticulously studying key indicators such as GDP growth, inflation rates, unemployment figures, ethnicity/race demographics, and literacy rates. This information is sourced from reputable publications within the target country, allowing us to provide a holistic understanding of the market landscape.

Our seasoned desk researchers leave no stone unturned when it comes to gathering data on target companies. Leveraging a combination of paid and unpaid tools, including investor presentations, annual reports, and analyst briefings, we compile comprehensive profiles that empower informed decision-making.

In-depth desk research, often referred to as secondary research, spans a wide spectrum of sectors. This includes retail, pharmaceuticals & healthcare, IT & telecom, automotive, BFSI, professional services, and oil & gas. By monitoring sector-specific trends, we equip businesses with the knowledge needed to stay competitive.

We aid clients in developing winning strategies by gathering crucial information about the business environment, competitors, and competitive products and services. This intelligence helps identify gaps and opportunities for growth.

Our regulatory assessment and monitoring services are instrumental in minimizing health authority rejections, optimizing review cycles, and expediting approval processes, ensuring a smoother and more efficient path for your products and services in the market.

Asia Monitor Group’s Business Market Research Services serve as a compass, guiding businesses toward uncharted opportunities and helping them navigate the complexities of today’s dynamic markets. 


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