Quantitative Research Services

Quantitative research is a data collection method that focuses on obtaining numerical data to analyze patterns, trends, and statistical relationships. It involves structured surveys and assessments, making it ideal for generating statistical insights.

Telephonic interviews are an efficient data collection method where interviews are conducted over the telephone. Responses are gathered using pre-coded options or by recording verbatim answers. This method, known as Computer-Aided Telephone Interview (CATI), offers several benefits:

Meaningful Insights

CATI provides organized insights for structured analysis.

Data Accuracy

It ensures accurate data collection.

Reach Challenging Audiences

CATI helps reach audiences that are difficult to access through other means.

Over the last 15 years, as a leading quantitative market research company globally, we have successfully executed CATI surveys for renowned brands and management consulting firms. Our CATI surveys span multi-industry research across 27+ countries in over 22 foreign languages.

We deploy a diverse set of seasoned panelists to provide valuable insights. 

Our panel benefits include:

  • Quicker Responses: Our panels provide rapid, real-time responses.
  • Verified Members: We maintain a verified panel of members.
  • High Survey Completion Rate: Our panels ensure a high completion rate.
  • Time & Cost Savings: Efficient data collection translates to time and cost savings.
  • Deep Profiling: We offer profiling across 200 attributes.
  • Engaged Respondents: Our respondents are highly engaged.
  • Robust API-Based Platform: We leverage a robust API-based platform for seamless panel management.

Conducting on-site interviews involves engaging with consumers or respondents in crowded areas like grocery stores and shopping malls. Trained interviewers are strategically positioned near sponsoring businesses. They use screeners to identify qualified respondents, conducting comprehensive surveys at the location. 

Our quantitative research services encompass various methods to gather, analyze, and derive valuable insights, supporting data-driven decision-making for businesses and organizations worldwide.


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