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Who We Are

At Asia Monitor Group, we’re more than just a data-driven organization; we’re your trusted source for global, actionable insights. Our track record speaks volumes as we’ve empowered numerous clients to make informed decisions, propelling their businesses forward.
We pride ourselves on possessing an exceptional, all-encompassing understanding of individuals worldwide. This includes insight into their cognitive processes, emotions, and behaviors, not only on a global scale but also within diverse industry sectors. But we don’t stop at helping clients understand the ‘what.’ We delve deeper, clarifying the ‘why,’ and offering guidance on how to shape the future.

What We Do

Our deep understanding of what truly resonates with individuals enables us to contribute to a positive global impact. With a diverse clientele consisting of remarkable individuals from around the world, we collaborate to craft strategies aligned with their objectives. Whether it’s enhancing brand awareness, attracting new customers, expanding market reach, achieving financial success, or fostering public goodwill, we’re committed to helping our clients succeed.
Our profound comprehension of individuals’ needs, aspirations, and preferences drives us to empower our clients to achieve their desired outcomes. We continuously advance our capabilities, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver impactful solutions that fuel success in the ever-evolving landscape of business and society.

Informed Decisions

Our reach knows no bounds, thanks to our organic panel that spans the globe. We provide access to a database of organic, trained respondents, with a strict policy against outsourcing samples. Every respondent comes from a centralized, verified source. Our Panellists undergo meticulous profiling, covering various demographics such as age, ethnicity, working status, household income, residential status, access to services, family size, and family values.
With over 5,000 organically trained Panellists profiled across 200+ questions, resulting in over 120,000,000 data points, our screening and recruitment methods are unparalleled. We excel at targeting and recruiting even the most elusive Panellists with remarkable speed.

Our Expertise in a Nutshell

  • 24-Hour Turnaround Times: Need insights in a hurry? Benefit from quick turnarounds.
  • High Response Rates with Minimal Drop-off: We maintain robust response rates, ensuring data reliability.
  • Dedicated Panellists: Our Panellists are informed, engaged, and ready to provide valuable insights.
  • Flexible Data Export: Easily export datasets in industry-standard formats.
  • Competitive International Solutions: We offer cost-effective international research with scalable options. 

In summary, at Asia Monitor, we’re not just about research; we’re about your success. We’re your strategic partner, your data-driven ally, and your ticket to informed decisions that drive growth. With us, research goes beyond numbers; it’s about turning insights into action.


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