Translation Services

As the foremost language solutions provider, we excel in collecting multilingual insights from global audiences while upholding the integrity of research results.

Translation Services for Qualitative and Quantitative Research:

We offer full suite of specialized services including: 

  • Translation and overlay of web surveys
  • Opens / Verbatim Translation
  • In-language coding
  • Transcription, Content Analysis, Interpreting & Subtitling
  • AE Reporting (Adverse Event Reporting)
  • Social Listening

1. Translation & Overlay of Web Surveys

Elevate the efficiency and precision of your multilingual surveys with our services. Our proficiency in digital surveys and leading survey platforms enables us to deliver highly effective language solutions for your web-based surveys.

  • Streamlined Translation: We offer translation and localization services for web surveys and related XML files from platforms like Decipher/FocusVision, Qualtrix, and Confirmit.
  • Seamless Integration: We seamlessly overlay word questionnaires into XMLs and similar scripts, ensuring the quality assurance of “live test” survey links.

2. Opens / Verbatim Translation

We translate open-ended responses, known as verbatims, to aid researchers in comprehending and precisely analyzing their survey data.

  • Cultural Clarity: Our service extends beyond translation; we provide contextual notes and clarifications to illuminate cultural references and identify invalid responses in verbatim.
  • Expert Linguists: Our linguists, versed in market research, deliver swift and accurate results. They bring a wealth of experience across sectors like Healthcare, Consumer & Retail, and Financial Services.

3. In-Language Coding

We assist our clients in extracting vital findings from their studies by utilizing a shared English code framework, enabling direct coding from local languages without the need for data translation, and facilitating faster analysis. We code millions of in-language responses across 27+ countries, adhering to ISO 20252 quality standards.

Our Services Include:

  • Code Frame Creation
  • Bad ID & Data Quality Checks
  • Rapid Multimarket Brand Coding (Automated)
  • In-language Coding & Machine Translation of Full Open-ended Responses
  • Reporting Adverse Events in Healthcare Respondent Data

4. Transcription, Content Analysis, Interpreting & Subtitling

Elevate your grasp of diverse markets by uncovering patterns, themes, and connections in data from surveys, interviews, focus groups, or social media. Our services streamline systematic and efficient analysis of substantial qualitative data, including:

  • Transcription of focus groups and interviews.
  • Content analysis in client-specific formats.
  • Live and/or “after the event” interpreting for IDIs and FGs.
  • Creation and translation of subtitles forinterviews, videos, training materials, etc. 

5. AE Reporting (Adverse Event Reporting)

We Offer comprehensive Adverse Event (AE) reporting as a standalone service or integrated into our coding process.

Our Advantage:

  • Maximize Accuracy: Enhance the accuracy of adverse event reporting.
  • Patient Safety: Improve patient safety and compliance.
  • Multilingual: Gather data on patient experiences in multiple languages.
  • Native Language: Ensure reporting in the patient’s native language for accuracy and completeness.

6. Social Listening

Gain real-time insights into public sentiment about your product, brand, or industry. Our team is involved in every aspect of social media listening projects, from translating search terms to report writing. 

  • Search Term Translation, including market-specific desktop research into local languages
  • Data Cleaning of posts/discussions/mentions
  • Research & Analysis, including back-translation of relevant posts
  • Report & Summary of collected and analyzed data
  • Pharmacovigilance & AE Reporting throughout the process

We, Asia Monitor specialize in providing these services to help clients gather insights from global audiences while ensuring the accuracy and cultural sensitivity of research results.


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