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Sales Strategy Research Consulting and Report

Client: Top Media Network in Malaysia

Background: The client, a leading fully integrated media group in Malaysia, sought to strengthen its market position in the fiercely competitive media landscape. They aimed to enhance customer satisfaction, particularly focusing on their relationship with advertisers and partners. This endeavor was crucial as the client held equity interests in prominent TV channels and owned the majority equity interest in Malaysia’s largest publisher.

Research Objectives: The primary research objectives were to:

  1. Measure the client’s current satisfaction level with the media group.
  2. Evaluate the client’s satisfaction rating on specific parameters such as innovativeness, promptness, and efficiency.
  3. Identify areas of dissatisfaction, if any.
  4. Benchmark the client’s satisfaction against competitors in the industry.

Approach: Our approach involved conducting a comprehensive research study to gather insights from the client and assess their satisfaction and perceptions. We deployed surveys, interviews, and competitive analysis to achieve the research objectives.

Findings: The research findings highlighted key insights:

  • The client’s overall satisfaction with the media group was positive, but there were opportunities for improvement.
  • Specific parameters, such as innovativeness and efficiency, received favorable ratings, while promptness required attention.
  • Areas of dissatisfaction were identified, primarily related to responsiveness and communication.
  • Competitive benchmarking revealed areas where the client outperformed competitors and areas needing enhancement.

Application: The insights gleaned from the study served as a foundation for strategic decisions and enhancements:

  • The client utilized the findings to refine its sales strategy, particularly focusing on improving responsiveness and communication with advertisers.
  • Programs were developed to enhance customer experience, strengthening relationships with advertisers.
  • The research findings also guided improvements in internal processes and training to further empower the client’s sales team.

In conclusion, the sales strategy research and report played a pivotal role in helping the client adapt and thrive in the dynamic media industry, ensuring a more satisfying experience for both advertisers and partners.

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