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Study on 3M Protective Wear in Singapore SME Market

Client: 3M (SME Market in Singapore)

Background: Our client, 3M, a renowned company specializing in protective wear and adhesives, sought to gain deeper insights into the Singapore SME market’s preferences and behaviors related to protective wear. The study aimed to uncover the types of protective wear preferred, the brands favored, pricing dynamics, and the motivating factors influencing these choices.

Research Objectives: The primary research objectives included:

  1. Identifying the various types of protective wear used, such as masks and boots.
  2. Understanding the occasions and contexts in which each type of protective wear was utilized.
  3. Examining the preferred brands for each protective wear category.
  4. Analyzing the price and quantity of protective wear purchased.
  5. Uncovering the reasons behind choosing specific brands and the factors inhibiting the purchase of others.

Approach: To fulfill these objectives, we employed a comprehensive research approach, encompassing surveys, interviews, and data analysis. We engaged with target respondents to obtain detailed insights into their protective wear preferences and decision-making processes.

Findings: The research yielded valuable findings:

  • Various types of protective wear, including masks, boots, and more, were commonly used by SMEs in Singapore.
  • Occasion-specific usage was observed, with different protective wear utilized for various work situations.
  • Specific brands, including 3M, held prominence in the market, driven by factors like quality and reputation.
  • Price considerations played a crucial role in the purchase decisions, with cost-effectiveness being a key driver.
  • The reasons for choosing particular brands often included trust, durability, and compliance with safety standards. Conversely, barriers to choosing other brands were attributed to quality concerns or lack of awareness.

Application: The insights gleaned from this study offered substantial value to 3M and the broader SME market:

  • 3M utilized the findings to fine-tune its marketing strategies and product offerings to align with SME preferences.
  • The company also addressed pricing concerns and worked on enhancing cost-effectiveness.
  • SMEs benefited from a deeper understanding of protective wear options, enabling more informed choices.
  • Overall, the research empowered both 3M and SMEs in Singapore to make well-informed decisions, enhance safety measures, and optimize protective wear procurement processes.

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